Welcome to the Lock Club Syndicate! I’m Jacob Chernov. I have a new approach to sports gambling that’s taking over the industry. I am dedicated to providing you with winning picks through meticulous data analysis and a robust statistics model. I’m a young gun with a different approach, and I’ve been taught by a 25-year veteran in the business. I have applied his old-school methods with my new-school methods. I believe in discipline and money management to ensure long-term success.
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Unlocking Your Winning Potential with Jacob: Your Key to Success

As your trusted advisor, I prioritize your trust and value your business in forming a family bond. Together, we will build up your bankroll, your trust, and our relationship. I have a different approach that ensures different results. So let’s take the first step to success!
Jacob is a true gem in the world of handicapping. His expertise is unmatched, and his predictions have consistently proven to be on the mark. Jacob's passion for helping bettors succeed shines through in every interaction.
by Natali Craig
Working with this handicapper has been a game-changer for me. Their insights are spot-on, and their dedication to helping clients succeed is evident. Highly recommended!
by Christopher Jackson
I recently had the pleasure of working with Keith Lockner, and I couldn't be more impressed. Keith's expertise in handicapping is unmatched. His insights and predictions are not only accurate but also delivered with a friendly and professional demeanor.
by Raymond Atkins