The Leagues Leading

Hello and welcome to the Lock Club! Its a Spooktacular bonanza tonight I have NBA & College football and the best part is there is no tricks only treats for $9.00 you get 4 huge College football matchups and a monster NBA winner and we are ready to cash with a 5-0! I'll see you out there click that link and get in these 5 plays they are as sweet as pumpkin pie!

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Its a party here with my lock club specials. I strive each and every day to take care of my own like family and it really shows. The results are proven and I am on my way to the top. The table is set and you know I saved the best seat in the house for you my friend. Allow me to guide you to gold today and there is no way we don’t turn this into a long term fruitful relationship for both of us! Now lets get in the game and gear up for the ACTION. Whos ready to ROLL?


The month of October has been huge $200 bettors are up no less then 5-6k being up 30 net wins! 

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